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American Horror Story Season 9 is a Retro Slasher Film Homage Set in 1984

American Horror Story Season 9 will be returning later this year for yet another dark and ghoulish season. If you watch the show, every season up to now has had its own unique theme and season 9 is taking us back in time with a retro slasher film homage that screams “Friday the 13th”.

A short teaser was released for the upcoming ninth season of American Horror Story of a young woman being chased through a forest and almost being stabbed in the head. She runs into a cabin for safety which is giving us Camp Crystal Lake vibes. The teaser is backed by Billie Eilish’ “Six Feet Under” tune and ends with the official confirmation that American Horror Story Season 9 will be set in 1984.

There is also a little bit of context to this teaser. It could be following the real-life massacre by Christopher Bernard Wilder also known as the Beauty Queen Killer who went on a six-week cross-country crime spree in 1984. He abducted and murdered 8 women and raped 12 of them. His infamous killing spree ended when he was caught by the police and killed on site and his title “Beauty Queen Killer” comes from the fact that he only targeted beautiful women.

American Horror Story Season 9 is set to debut later this year and usually releases in late September. This is also the first season without Evan Peters as he pulled out after he claimed that the show’s dark roles he landed were not good for his mental health.

The early 80s was a busy time for not only slasher films but for crazy crime committed by crazy people in the US and if the show utilizes these cases, it will be one to watch.

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