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An Open-World Final Fantasy XVI Would Take 15 Years to Make Says Square Enix

We already know that Final Fantasy XVI is not an open-world game. Square Enix broke the news last month when the studio revealed more information regarding its targetted release window and story details. Final Fantasy XVI’s producer has now touched on the challenging development behind the game and especially on the lack of an open-world setting saying that it would have taken over a decade and a half to develop FFXVI in an open-world.

In an interview with Famitsu magazine, Naoki Yoshida explained that he felt other elements in Final Fantasy XVI were more important to him than creating a larger, open-world game. He says that making it an open-world title would have taken development too far and it would mean sacrificing other game elements.

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Yoshida-san says a Final Fantasy is a carefully-crafted experience. Everything in it is combined together to deliver the best possible gaming experience. He says that once a Chocobo or Moogle is added into the game, it is already a Final Fantasy game.  He claims that this feeling had to be delivered in Final Fantasy XVI as well.

“Additionally, it is necessary to understand the overall outline of the game design by taking into account the strengths of the team itself. When thinking about it, I thought, ‘I believe an open world would not fit for what we are planning now.

I want a story of a hero who saves the world, because this is Final Fantasy. I want a summon to go wild and destroy the map. I want to release this game as soon as possible. I cannot release this game in parts.

When considering these four main points, I believe it is practically impossible to ask for everything. If we had a development period of about 15 years, we may have had the opportunity of challenging ourselves with an open world [smiles]. After all, it’s almost impossible in terms of time and cost to create a global story within an open world.”

Yoshida-san added that an open world isn’t a requirement for a game. As long as the team can deliver the best story in an experience that blends together games and movies, it should be enough.

“For example, if you say, ‘I have a good idea and I can definitely do it!’ I will support you. However, if you are unsure if we should do it, I would tell you that we shouldn’t.”

Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled to launch in mid-2023. Catch up on some gameplay details and previous content below as well as the trailer.

Source: Famitsu

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