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Analyst Predicts PlayStation Won’t Exist in 10 Years

An industry analyst has made a bold prediction by stating that PlayStation will cease to exist in 10 years. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes Xbox has gained an insurmountable lead on PlayStation through Game Pass, and that Sony is simply a couple of years behind.

Speaking on the RDX Podcast recently, Pachter stated that Xbox, thanks to Game Pass, has gained the lead when it comes to the future of gaming. Despite rumours of PlayStation launching their own Game Pass competitor, he still believes the gap is too wide at this point for Sony to counter.

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Pachter is no stranger to making bold predictions and claims. He previously stated that the Nintendo Switch didn’t make sense and that the Lite version of the console should’ve been pushed more by Nintendo. As history dictated, the Nintendo Switch quickly climbed to becoming the company’s best-selling home console ever.

We recommend taking this with a pinch of salt. While PlayStation may not have a suitable answer to Xbox Game Pass yet, their first-party sales continue to grow with each new exclusive. The recently released Horizon Forbidden West sold well upon launch, and several other Sony titles like God of War, Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima managed to yield impressive sales numbers too.

It’s too early to tell where Xbox or PlayStation will be in 10 years. There is some truth to the claim that Xbox has a substantial lead in the industry when it comes to Game Pass and its ease of access and sheer variety, but Xbox have yet to reach PlayStation’s consistent critical acclaim regarding first-party exclusives.

With the release of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S this generation, it finally looks like the gaming giants could be on equal footing if they play their cards right. Xbox Game Pass is certainly one hell of a deal, though PlayStation seems to be doing perfectly fine with exclusives sales too. At least for now.

Source: RDX Podcast

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