Another Batman Court of Owls Image Teased and We are Bored Now

We all thought that Warner Bros Montreal would have revealed its new Batman Court of Owls game during The Game Awards in December last year but it never happened. The publisher and developer have done nothing but tease its fan base for months on end publishing cryptic images related to the upcoming Batman game. Last night, Warner Bros released another teaser image.

This time, the publisher released the image in three parts including one on its Facebook account, one on its Twitter account and one on its Instagram account. If you take all three of them and put them together, it makes a full image. The combined image which you can find down below is a banner of some sorts.

Batman Court of Owls Warner Bros Montreal

According to some hardcore Batman fans, the banner could be a badge and it features a load of hidden nudges to the Batman series including the Gotham Clock Tower, and Owl feet.

Warner Bros Montreal then updated its website with a new mysterious circle that holds eight different sigils. Of which, two of them have been revealed already.

Batman Court of Owls Warner Bros Montreal

While we all love a teaser, this has been going on for way too long now. The first image was dropped way back in September and we are all suffering from teaser fatigue right now. Just when we think the game is going to be revealed, they go silent for another few weeks. The whole process is growing old. We know the game is related to the Batman Court of Owls but hopefully, we don’t have to wait for the other six sigils to be posted before we get an official announcement.

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