Anthem 2.0 Rework Progress – Battle Royale Mode, Pirate Faction Teased

"Hopefully this reworks is everything we hoped for in the first place."

We know EA Games and Bioware have taken Anthem back to the drawing board. The game released in early 2019 and it was a complete disaster. Bland gameplay, it was buggy, had a mediocre plot and not to mention some questionable design choices. However, Bioware is determined to make the game a success. In late 2019 the studio announced that they would be rebooting the game. It has been a while since the studio shared an update and developer Christian Dailey took to Twitter to show off a new Anthem 2.0 rework pirate concept art, hint at a battle royale mode and more.

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Anthem 2.0 Rework Bioware

Dailey shared information on some of the new elements the team is working on at Bioware for Anthem. He mentioned some playable PvP modes including a battle royale mode. There’s also a new enemy faction called “Pirates of Blood Wind.” In addition, some new concept art was shared which include new explorable areas. One of these areas has a giant skull as a mountain face. This is no doubt the homeland for the new pirate faction.

Anthem 2.0 Rework Bioware

Unfortunately, while all this sounds pretty great, it is still very early to know if the concepts will make it into the game. We also don’t know if the pirate faction will be incorporated into the Anthem 2.0 story. However, it sounds like it may be the case. Perhaps Bioware is working on a brand-new story revolving around these pirates?

It will be a while before we see the gameplay for Anthem 2.0. In theory, the game is being rebuilt from the ground up and may be in development for longer than the original’s release. Previous reports claim that Bioware’s development for the original game was rocky. Some of the developers had no idea what the game was about before development kicked off. In addition, they only found out what they were developing during the E3 announcement.

The game will go down as one of the biggest disappointments in video game history. We just hope this Anthem 2.0 rework is worth it.

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