Anthem Demo Download Now Available & File Sizes Revealed
Anthem Th
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We are all pretty excited for Anthem to find out exactly how BioWare’s upcoming title will play, run on our PCs and more. Tomorrow, on 25 January at 19:00 South African time, the Anthem VIP demo kicks off, but even if you haven’t pre-ordered the game, you can start the Anthem Demo Download for the upcoming open demo as well. As the title has made clear, the Anthem demo download is now available on all platforms and with it, the official file sizes have been revealed.

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The Anthem demo download is pretty big, especially if you plan on playing it on your PC. Keep in mind that there will also be an update between the VIP demo and the Open demo, but that will just be an update and not a complete re-download as far as we can tell. Check out the Anthem demo download sizes and links to the demo on each platform below.

That is quite the hefty download, but keep in mind that there some great content in the demo as well. You will start at level 10 and the level limit is 15. You will be able to experience a story mission, as well as a Stronghold (like a Destiny 2 strike). Then, you will also be able to go to your home base (Fort Tarsis) and when you are done with the story and all that, you will be able to freely explore a piece of the game’s open world.

The VIP demo kicking off tomorrow is only for those who pre-order or are subscribed to Origin Access and EA Access. However, everyone can try the game during the Open demo which kicks off on 1 February at 19:00 South African time. This gives players who wish to try the game before pre-ordering a lot of time to get that download done. Don’t forget to check out the detailed system requirements if you plan on playing on PC.

Will you start your Anthem demo download today and which demo do you plan on participating in? Let us know in the comment section below.

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