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Anthem Demos – Everything You Need To Know

The excitement for BioWare’s Anthem is building quickly and I, for one, can’t wait to test out the game. BioWare is calling the upcoming tests for the game demos instead of that standard “beta” tag. There will be both a VIP demo and a free, open demo that everyone can try out. This is a great sign if you ask me, as it means BioWare and EA have a lot of confidence in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about the Anthem demos.

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If you are looking to play the game before releases, then you have two options when it comes to the Anthem demos. First up, there is a VIP demo that you gain access to by pre-ordering the game. Then, we’ve got the open demo, which will be available to everyone who wants to give Anthem a shot.

Anthem VIP Demo

If you pre-order the game digitally, you will gain access to the demo automatically. Those who pre-order a retail version should get a code emailed to them, which you will need to redeem here for your VIP demo access. Origin Access and EA Access subscribers also get automatic access to the Anthem VIP demo. Further, there’s also a Refer a Friend option.

Basically, everyone who gets into the VIP demo will be able to send invites to three of their friends to join in, so you won’t have to play with randoms. Another nice bonus is that you can send this invite to anyone, regardless of their platform, so if a friend on a different platform than you wants an invite, you can give it to them without issue.

The Anthem VIP demo kicks off on 25 January and will run until 27 January. The demo kicks off at 19:00 South African time and if you participate in this demo, you will also receive an exclusive in-game item to show you were the first to play.

Anthem Open Demo

This one the more straightforward one of the two Anthem demos. As its name suggests, the Anthem Open demo will be open to everyone on all platforms. If you already played the VIP demo, then you will only need to update the game a bit and not redownload the whole thing to play in the open demo.

The Anthem Open demo kicks off on, 1 February at 19:00 South African time and will run until 4 February at 04:00 South African time, so cancel those weekend plans.

Anthem Demos File Size & Progression

The Anthem demos reportedly weigh in at roughly 23 GB and you can start pre-downloading the VIP demo on 23 January. Those who plan on playing the Open demo should also be able to download the game on their respective platforms while they wait for Anthem to open up for everyone.

Progression will carry over from the VIP demo to the Open demo, but progression made in the beta won’t carry over to the full game.

Anthem Demos content

Both Anthem demos will be identical in terms of content. Players will start at level 10 so they won’t be able to create their own pilot. Instead, you will be playing with an equipped Javelin and assigned abilities and level up to level 15. All players will start off the demo with the Ranger, but you will, later on, have the option to unlock another Javelin.

The Anthem demos sound quite meaty. You will be able to experience a story mission, as well as a Stronghold, which is kind of like a “dungeon” or rather a Destiny 2 Strike. Then, you will also gain access to your home base called Fort Tarsis. Lastly, when you are done with the story and all that, you will be able to freely explore a piece of the game’s open world.

Lastly, there is no gameplay time restriction on the demos so you can play 48 hours straight if you really want to and judging by some gameplay we’ve seen so far, that’s probably what I am going to do. For PC gamers who are wondering if they need to upgrade before playing Anthem, it is always great to actually test the game out and see if your PC is up to the task, which is what these demos will also provide. If you are just looking for the specs, check out the Anthem PC system requirements.

Will you be participating in one of, or both of the Anthem demos? Let us know in the comment section below.

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