Anthem Endgame Activities & Post-Launch Content Roadmap Revealed
Anthem endgame
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We are all pretty excited about Anthem, BioWare’s upcoming online RPG shooter which releases later this month. EA has high hopes for Anthem, as they want to sell 6 million copies in the first 6 weeks after launch. One thing an online game such as Anthem really needs is more content after launch and fun endgame activities. Now, with the developer revealing the early Anthem post-launch content roadmap and what players can expect to do when they reach the Anthem endgame, I, for one, am more excited than ever.

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The Anthem post-launch content plan looks pretty solid as players won’t have to wait long for new content after they reached they reach level 30. The first act, called Echoes of Reality, will start only one month after the release of the game. The second and third acts do not have a release date yet, which is understandable. However, starting in March, the first update will hit, followed by two more updates in the Echoes of Reality act.

So what Anthem content can you expect post-launch? There is quite a variety in the free updates, from new events, new rewards and an expanded progression system to new Stronghold missions, quality of life changes, new missions to undertake and more. Check out the image for the Anthem post-launch content roadmap as shared by BioWare below.

For those wondering what the Anthem endgame content will be like and if it will be worth playing after you’ve completed the initial story, don’t worry. It looks like there will be a tonne of things to do once you hit level 30, the game’s level cap at launch. First up, once you hit the level cap, three more difficulties will unlock and the higher you go up these difficulty levels, the better chance you have of getting some sweet cosmetic item and rare gear drops. Check out the list of Anthem endgame activities below.

  • Playing Anthem at harder difficulty levels
  • Completing Contracts and Legendary Contracts
  • Completing daily, weekly and monthly challenges
  • Defeating squad-based Strongholds
  • Exploring the world of Anthem
  • Completing world events called Cataclysms
  • Exploring new future content coming to Anthem

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Anthem releases on 22 February 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Origin Access Premium subscribers can start playing the game on 15 February 2019.

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Are you excited for Anthem and what do you think about the game’s post-launch content plan as well as endgame activities? Let us know in the comment section below.






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