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Anthem Launch Day Update – What You Can Expect

Although Anthem’s official launch day is 22 February, you can already play it on Xbox One and PC thanks to EA Access and Origin Access. The Anthem Launch Day Update will drop on 22 February when the game, well, officially launches. Since gamers have been playing Anthem already, they have been giving feedback and reporting on what is wrong with the game, including a bunch of bugs that were expected. Let’s face it, no online game is perfect when it first launches. Thankfully, BioWare is working hard on fixing as much as they can in the Anthem Launch Day update.

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Although the full patch notes have not been revealed, the game’s lead producer, Michael Gamble, did share several details about the Anthem Launch Day update on Twitter. Some background on the first point below is that PC gamers have been complaining about long loading times and the only fix they found so far is to install an SSD. Here’s what you can expect to see in the Anthem Launch Day update.

  • Day 1 patch has some optimization for 5400/7200 rpm and/or fragmented drives. Obviously, we can’t expect everyone to have SSD’s, so this is on us to make better. Period. And we will continue to.
  • Getting shot by invisible people. This is streaming related. Especially on slower/full hard drives. Patch makes it much better.
  • Crashes/disconnects when talking to people in Fort. This is faction point related. Fixed
  • Loading screens rarely not completing. More fixes there.
  • Opening chests (counting challenges) will have a large radius. If anyone in your squad opens it, you should get credit for the open.
  • Fixed an issue where some folks said they had completed all of the trials but couldn’t get into the tomb
  • Xbox settings not being saved for some folks is fixed
  • Performance on ALL platforms will continue upward. Smoother frame rate, fixed hitches. Etc
  • More PC control improvements
  • Audio disappearing fixes

Mr Gamble explained more about the disappearing audio issue, stating that:

We have improved audio performance and fixed a lot of bugs since the demo – unfortunately there are still instances of total audio dropout occurring which will require a restart. We have a significant fix for this issue that will be deployed in the Day 1 patch. We are also working closely with Frostbite audio to address any possible remaining causes.

The issue seems to occur most often in heavy four player firefights in certain conditions, but it’s very difficult to trap, and therefore reproduce to solve.

At the time of writing, there is no official size for the Anthem Launch Day update, but with all the fixes BioWare is already working on, I don’t expect a small 200mb update.

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What do you think about the changes and fixes coming in the Anthem Launch Day update so far and are you playing the game already? Let us know in the comment section below and watch the amazing Anthem Prequel Trailer from South African Neill Blomkamp below if you haven’t already.

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