Anthem Lead Producer Leaves BioWare a Week After Cataclysm Event
BioWare has lost another lead just a week after Anthem's delayed Cataclysm even released.
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Anthem could be officially dead and a sore spot for EA Games and BioWare. After a rocky launch and a disappointing overall game, it has failed to fix itself months after launch. Anthem has even lost another staff member as lead producer Ben Irving has announced he is leaving the company.

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Ben played a crucial role at BioWare for over eight years working on Anthem and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Ben reached out on Twitter to express his sadness.

Irving’s departure spells even more trouble for the failed game after BioWare released the long-awaited Cataclysm that received some underwhelming feedback. The entire development roadmap has suffered major delays and repeated setbacks forcing its player base to move onto something new.

While Anthem may not be completely dead yet, its staff turnover is the biggest concern. BioWare has already lost executive producer Mark Darrah, lead producer Michael Gamble, and lead director Jonathan Warner.

BioWare’s struggles spell a concerning future for EA Games as a whole as gamers have lost trust in the publisher after multiple failed releases ridden with loot boxes, bad game design and a heavy emphasis on microtransactions. The negative backlash has affected all EA’s current and upcoming releases for 2019 and 2020.

We don’t know what BioWare plans on doing with Anthem going forward now that the Cataclysm event has been released. Perhaps it is time to just move onto Dragon Age 4 development.






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