Unofficial Anthem Map Size Pieced Together Looks Legit
Anthem Trophies
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Anthem is set for release in February this year and everyone’s dying for more information about the Anthem map size. One of the anticipated new features of the upcoming game from EA is the ability to freely explore the world in Anthem.

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However, EA hasn’t unveiled or confirmed the official Anthem map size and it seems like the anticipation is too much for some to handle. A Redditor called DaanLyb just couldn’t wait anymore and created an unofficial map for the game, which actually looks kind of legit.

To determine the possible Anthem map size, DaanLyb pieced together all the official footage of the upcoming game that’s been released. This includes trailers, teasers, promos, live streams, story trailers, gameplay, etc..

Although the official Anthem map size may look different to this fan-made one, it’s still exciting to see such a big piece of the possible world that awaits us. Have a look for yourself.

Anthem Map Size

Anthem, for those of you who don’t know, is set an unfinished world where the environment is dangerously unstable. The world is filled with catastrophic weather and massive monsters, making it almost impossible for humanity to survive.  Players will assume the roles of Freelancers – a group who leaves the safety of their settlement behind to explore the wild world, where a creation force known as the Anthem, is wreaking havoc on the world. The Freelancers where Javelin exosuits. This protective armour was created to survive the dangerous world and gives its wearer superhuman abilities.

A new demo for Anthem is set to launch on 1 to 3 February 2019. So, if you’re super amped to play the game, you can get a taste for it at least a little sooner than its 22 February release date.

Are you excited to play Anthem?






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