Many people called it before it even happened but this morning, Avengers actor Anthony Mackie announced he will not be coming to Comic Con Africa again this year. The cancellation comes a day before the event kicks off at the Gallagher Convention Center in Johannesburg where the star was meant to attend panels, autograph and photography sessions.

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According to a video, which was only uploaded this morning by the ReedPop social media pages, Anthony Mackie has been delayed in Budapest during a film shoot. How this delay was not foreseen, given the actor should have been on the plane already yesterday, is beyond us. This happened last year too as the new Captain America cancelled just a day before the convention was meant to start.

ReedPop announced that all current bookings for the star will be refunded and should have been done by the time you are reading this. If you have yet to receive your refund, head over to the CCA social pages to find out what is going on.

Comic Con Africa kicks off tomorrow, 21 September 2019 and ends on 24 September. The event is jam-packed full of things to see and do with guest appearances such as The Vampire Diaries Daniel Gillies who has extended his stay after the Anthony Mackie cancellation.

Are you attending Comic Con Africa this weekend? Let us know what you will be up to during the convention down in the comments below.

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