Those of you who are thinking about making a career out of becoming an Apex Legends streamer, you may want to list your CV online. According to popular Twitch streamer, Dr Disrespect, PUBG, Fortnite and even H1Z1 is a lot more exciting than Apex Legends when you look at streaming the title for viewers.

In a recent stream, the outspoken Twitch streamer, who often chimes into a lot of topics with his thoughts, opened up about the state of Apex Legends from a perspective of someone streaming the game all day.

Dr Disrespect claims that “Apex gameplay isn’t that exciting. I think watching Battlegrounds is way more exciting in my opinion”.

The streamer then went on to mention that even Fortnite and H1Z1 are both more exciting games to watch compared to Apex Legends.

“You know Overwatch, it’s super fun to play, it’s highly addictive but it’s just absolutely terrible to watch.”

Dr Disrespect could have a point to this rant as recently, viewership for Apex Legends has begun to lag behind Fortnite. This is after the new season of the game kicked off a few days ago. Apex Legends is in a dry spot with no new content at the moment while we wait for the Battle Pass to release sometime this month. The numbers could spike soon after this new content drops.

I personally think that all games are boring to watch on streams but that is just me. If I wanted to see a game I will boot it up on my console. What do you think? If you had to watch H1Z1, Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends, which game would you tune into? Let us know down below.

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