Your Apex Legends Character Could Be The Reason You’re Getting Killed The Whole Time
Apex Legends Cheaters
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If you’ve been playing the new battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment since its surprise launch, and find your Apex Legends character constantly being shot down, then it might not be you but your choice in character. Players have taken to the Apex Legends subreddit to compare tales and video clips of their favourite Apex Legend character and how big the hitbox sizes for each are. Apparently, some of the characters have a bigger hitbox than others.

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Each Apex Legends character has a different draw to it, like the ability to shield or medic drone. Based on your own skill set and your team, players choose an Apex Legends character best suited for their needs. Now, it turns out, there might be another factor to consider – hitbox size. Users have been sharing video clips of how smaller characters, like Pathfinder, have a bigger hitbox size than other larger characters like Bloodbound.

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Other Apex Legends characters like Caustic and Gibraltar have been found to have huge hitbox sizes, so some players have stopped playing with them to better their chances of not getting dealt damage.

Some of the Apex Legends characters are being reported as being the best for survival because their hitbox sizes seem to be the smallest. Bangalore, Lifeline, and Wraith have been noted to be some of the best characters to stay alive during a battle in Apex Legends, due to their small hitbox sizes, combined with their own abilities and features. Other players have reported Bloodhound is better for survival than for instance Pathfinder or Caustic.

What would be the solution to this issue? Some players have argued that all the characters in Apex Legends should be upgraded to have the same size hitbox. Whereas other players have suggested that the characters with the bigger hitbox sizes should be given extra abilities to compensate for this.

Have you been experiencing the same issue with hitbox sizes when playing with your favourite Apex Legends character?






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