Apex Legends cheaters

Apex Legends Cheaters Are Being Pitted Against Each Other

Respawn’s Battle Royale title, Apex Legends, is a fantastic addition to the genre, but just like other Battle Royale games, it does have somewhat of a cheating problem. Respawn has been vigilant in the fight against Apex Legends cheaters and is even using machine-learning to detect and automatically ban cheaters. However, my favourite move by the developer is that they are pitting Apex Legends cheaters and spammers together to fight it out, away from the normal folks who just want to play the game in a fair fashion.

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This news comes from a recent developer update on Reddit, where Respawn revealed what they are doing behind-the-scenes to combat Apex Legends cheaters. Respawn also thanked the community for helping them in the fight against cheaters, stating that:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#33fff9″ class=”” size=”22″]As we’ve said before, the war against cheaters will be ongoing and remains a high priority for us. There will always be work to do, improvements to make, and new things to adapt to. We’d like to thank the players that have been getting involved with helping us squash cheaters over the last week whether it be submitting reports or assisting with the vetting process for suspicious behavior.[/perfectpullquote]

Cheating is, according to the developer, a hot topic, especially in Ranked mode. Therefore, Respawn has explained what they are doing behind-the-scenes because even though you might run into some cheaters, that doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard to ensure a better environment for their players. Check out the list of things Respawn is doing to combat Apex Legends cheaters below.

  • Using machine learning to create behaviour models that detect and auto ban cheaters.
  • Requiring TFA in certain regions on high risk accounts.
  • Improving detection that identifies and bans new spam accounts before they are used.
  • Ongoing work to adapt to new cheats.
  • Matchmaking that matches detected cheaters and spammers together.
  • Investigating how people party up for matches. Even if you are not specifically using a cheat, partying up with cheaters is still cheating.
  • Increasing resources whether that be people or tech.

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Have you run into any Apex Legends cheaters lately? Let us know in the comment section below.

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