Apex Legends Cheaters Get Hardware ID Banned
Apex Legends Cheaters
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Apex Legends cheaters on PC are reporting everyone’s worst nightmare, hardware ID bans. Across the web on ResetEra and Reddit, PC players who have complained about being unable to play the game have also now admitted to cheating in Apex Legends too.

After further investigation, these players discovered that the usual “fixes” for bans like IP changes were not working and creating a secondary account failed to do the job too even if these accounts did not cheat. This all led to the discovery that Respawn has begun handing out hardware ID bans for Apex Legends.

Players are complaining that every time they create a new account, it gets banned due to these HWID bans imposed on their hardware. According to ResetEra, a couple of streamers have been banned while live too which must have been something quite entertaining to watch.

A long thread, which you can see below, explains the whole situation and how it rolled out. We cannot show you the video of this as he has since deleted his entire archive of videos after being banned a couple of times while being cocky about Respawn “not being able to ban him”.

According to a post, the HWID bans are based on the cumulative components in your PC so changing a simple RAM stick or PCI card will re-issue you with a new ID and allow you to get around the ban until it happens again that is.

The most hilarious of all comments come from Poindexter that was quite upset about the whole HWID ban;’

WTF? This is anti-consumer behaviour and shouldn’t be tolerated. Gamers should be able to enjoy games the way they want without being persecuted for it.






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