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Apex Legends Developer Calls its Fanbase “Asshats and Freeloaders” After Users Complain About Lootboxes

Respawn Entertainment is in hot water after calling its fanbase a load of “asshats”, “freeloaders” and “dicks” for complaining about the loot box system in the latest Iron Crown Collection event taking place on Apex Legends.

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The event has several cosmetic bundles for sale which contain exclusive items only available during the event. The issue, however, you can only get these items through loot boxes and it would see you spend more than R3000 in order to get just one set of many.

Sure, the gamers were upset and vented their frustration on Reddit in regards to the event but it was the shocking response from the Apex Legends game developers that caused some major backlash.

Instead of trying to calm the fanbase down and come up with a reasonable explanation, Respawn developers started insulting gamers calling them “asshats”, “freeloaders” and “dicks”. You can spend a good hour reading through the entire thread on Reddit that shows the developers anger towards the gamers.

The biggest issue players are having relates to the mediocre Apex Legends Battle Passes which people forked out money for and were let down at the lack of content. Then Respawn launches an event and forces players to spend even more money on the game for content that is not included in the passes.

Much of Respawn’s negative feedback revolves around them apologizing for the event but then following it up with a rude and inflammatory comment degrading its fanbase. You should never feed the trolls even if they have a point but this seems to not be the case.

Apex Legends has been falling from grace for a while now after a huge launch month which resulted in its player base dwindling from time to time. More of these outbursts from Respawn Entertainment and negative cash-grab events and players will drop the game and move onto something new pretty quick.

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