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Apex Legends Hacked By People Tired of Titanfall Hacks

Apex Legends suffered from some strange glitches this past weekend due to a hacking group that took control of the game. At first, this may sound like your typical hacking group attack but it is actually far from it. Instead of pulling Apex Legends offline completely, the hacking group updated the game’s playlists with the message that read “SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is being attacked so is Apex”.

Players also reported seeing messages that read “Visit and repost savetitanfall.com” after matches. When visiting the site, you are welcomed to a message that claims the owners are not affiliated with the Apex Legends hack at all.


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The savetitanfall.com site has actually been around for a few months already.  It was created by fans to draw attention to the state of the original Titanfall game which has been unplayable for some time now. The game suffers from countless hacker attacks that take down the servers and spam lobbies. This savetitanfall.com site was created to draw attention to the unplayable state of the game.

Given that the original Titanfall is a multiplayer-only game, these attacks on the server has left the experience empty. Players cannot find any multiplayer matches at all. The situation has gotten worse since the attacks started back in 2018 and Respawn has done very little to fix the problem.

Still, the Apex Legends attack this past weekend reeks of irony. While the savetitanfall.com team claims that they were not behind the attack, it must have some sort of connection with the ongoing Titanfall hacks. Respawn shared an update this morning saying that they are investigating the issue and have restored matchmaking for the time being.

Whether or not they will ever fix Titanfall is another story on its own. Whoever targetted Apex Legends this past weekend clearly just wants to play Titanfall in peace.

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