Apex Legends Launches on Switch in March -Season 8 Now Live
"Switch players will get free levels and double XP at launch"
Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Leaving Early
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You will soon be able to play Apex Legends on the go as EA and Respawn Entertainment plan on releasing the popular free-to-play battle royale shooter on Nintendo Switch in March. According to the official social accounts, Apex Legends will release on Nintendo Switch on 9 March 2021.


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The news arrives on the launch day of Apex Legends Season 8 which is now live on available platforms. The Nintendo Switch port of Apex Legends is being outsourced to developer Panic Button who previously worked on Rocket League for the Switch. The studio is known for its great handheld ports.

EA Games originally planned on launching Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch back in October. This being after the game’s announcement in June 2020. However, the project hit some speedbumps and the development team needed more time to polish up the performance on the device. During the development, the team had issues with the game running on the device’s mobile processor.

Users will most likely be able to play Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch without a Nintendo Online Subscription. The company does not force users to subscriber to the service for free-to-play games. Unlike Microsoft who just recently changed their stance on the matter. The game will also launch with Season 8 and players will be granted 30 free levels of progress and two weeks of double XP to make up for the missing game time.

Apex Legends Season 8 is now live which brings some new exciting content to the game.  This includes a new Legend Fuse, new weapons and more.


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