Apex Legends Leak Reveals Possible Survival Mode, Kill Cam And New Legends
Apex Legends Leak Apex Legends Hack
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Yesterday we reported on a leak that revealed the possibility of a 24-player mode coming to Apex Legends and today we have even more leaks that surfaced. Dataminers have been tearing apart the game code and stumbled across some interesting information in regards to an Apex Legends survival mode and much more.

According to @RealApexLeaks, references to the word “Survival” keeps popping up in the game code but there is more. The code appears to include a spectator and commentator NPCs feature that will cheer players on in the game mode. There is also references to a few emotes.

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By the sound of it, it could possibly be a game mode that sees players head into a “Hunger Games-like” experience and other players can spectate and watch them try and survive as long as possible.

Another leak revealed references to a replay system that could mean the game will get a kill cam soon so when you die, you will see how it happened. The game currently does not feature this at all.

Last but not least we have the possibility that two new Legends (heroes) will be coming to the roster soon. The first one is Octane that seems to have a stim injection ability. The second one is named Wattson and he has the ability to deploy a Tesla Trap.

According to sources, the first new Legend will be added to the game between 25 March and 1 April 2019 so we will see one of these two Legends sooner than later. The reveal of the seasonal content, as well as the Battle Pass known as the Apex Pass, clearly showed the inclusion of a new Legend so as soon as Respawn begins to roll that out, we will know more.

Don’t forget that we are running a South African top 5 Apex Legends kills. Send us your kills clips and we will include them in an upcoming episode of Glitched. Find out more here.






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