Leaving Matches Early in Apex Legends Will Soon Result in You Being Penalised
Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Leaving Early
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After Respawn released the new 1.1 patch yesterday, strange things have been happening in Apex Legends. Players found that they were being penalised for leaving matches early but the “issue” was only temporary.

It seems that while the “Apex Legends leaving early” penalty feature is real and not a bug, it was just not ready and was deployed a little too early. Players reported that after they left the match, they were faced with a 5-minute timeout where they could not join a new match until the time was up. This only happened for every three matches they left which is not so extreme.

The penalty also counted towards squads members who left the match before their Banner card expired too but did not impact players who were in squads that weren’t full.

Over on Reddit, players are on the fence about the feature saying that it is not something they want and they don’t want to be punished if they don’t feel like hanging around spectating when they’re downed.

But don’t fear the feature just yet. Respawn has disabled it as according to their Reddit post, it was not ready and it was implemented when the feature was not completely tested yet. They state that the feature was never meant to appear in the game and a bug in the script caused it to activate prematurely.

You can now rage quit matches as much as you like but be warned, the feature will happen in the near future and you will be penalised for leaving too early. Personally, I don’t think 5 minutes is to bad as it could be worse.

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