Player Spent $500 On Apex Legends Loot Boxes For Rare Items, Compares It To Gambling
Apex Legends new maps
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An Apex Legends player spent $500 on loot boxes to try to find elusive rare items in the game, only to be left disappointed by the experience. Heirloom items can be found by opening certain Apex Legends loot boxes. These rare heirloom items are cosmetic items with a less than 1% chance of dropping in one of the Apex Legends loot boxes. But you’re guaranteed one of these rare items after 500 Apex Legends loot boxes. A player badly wanted these items and ended up spending $500 to get through 500 Apex Legends loot boxes.

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The player, who is a 24-year-old life-long gamer known as Cole, says that he has played other battle royal games in the past, like Fornite, but has never been tempted to spend as much money as he did to find the rare items in Apex Legends loot boxes.

These games didn’t tempt me into ludicrous spending. In my many hours in both games I probably spent less than $30 total. I’ve never had much luck when it comes to loot boxes and despite wanting the items inside, I knew the math behind it and wasn’t going to throw my money around chasing the carrot on a stick.

However, he explains that, with finding the heirloom items in Apex Legends loot boxes, his “brain became wired in a way that [he] wasn’t going to stop until [he] found the heirlooms“.

Apex Legends Loot Boxes

He eventually got the heirloom items, but says the experience wasn’t worth it. He decided to take to Reddit to share his experience to make fun of himself, and to also warn people to not get sucked into the heirloom hunt. On a more serious note, he explained that the experience in Apex Legends has given him a better perspective on loot boxes in games, and compares them to gambling.

Are they potentially anti-consumer and predatory? Maybe. Is gambling in general immoral? It’s a tough question. Many people love to gamble and many do it responsibly. It can be a fun activity when done in moderation. Free to play games need to make money in someway and loot boxes offer that. On the other hand, many other free to play games thrive without the addition of controversial loot boxes.

This Apex Legends player is only one of many examples of people who become almost obsessive about loot boxes in games. Loot boxes have increasingly come under fire for encouraging addictive and compulsive behaviour, especially if children end up spending a lot of money. The Federal Trade Commission in the US is even holding a public workshop later this year to address issues surrounding loot box systems in games.

Do you think loot boxes are bad?






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