Apex Legends Mobile Announced – Limited Beta Starting Soon

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Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile Announced – Limited Beta Starting Soon

Apex Legends Mobile is finally a real thing. Respawn Entertainment and EA Games announced the port of the popular free-to-play shooter in a blog post. This being after the game leaked multiple times in the past. According to Respawn, Apex Legends Mobile is a bit different from the current experience on PCs and consoles as the game has been designed for touchscreens with optimizations that enhance the gameplay for a handheld mobile port.

Respawn claims that Apex Legends Mobile is a new version of the game but it is still true to the original. EA did release a handful of screenshots for the mobile port, which you can look at below, but they have yet to showcase the actual user interface and control layout. We also know that Apex Legends Mobile will be free just like the console and PC version. However, users won’t be able to carry progress over through to the other games or participate in cross-play. This is due to the mobile version being a “different” game.


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Apex Legends Mobile will introduce a closed beta test in India and the Philippines at first. This beta test will only be available on Android devices. EA Games says they plan on implementing iOS support and roll the beta out to more regions in the future but they have not stated when this will happen. There’s also no solid release window for Apex Legends Mobile yet. Respawn will most likely run a beta for a couple of months before tackling a launch plan.

If you are in India and the Philippines then you’re in luck. If you don’t live there, sorry. By the look of the screenshots, Apex Legends Mobile does not look too bad. However, we don’t know what devices the game is running on nor the requirements for it yet. Previously, we reported that users may need to own an Android device from 2018 and up and an iPhone 6S and up but Respawn has yet to confirm the device support.

Check out some screenshots from Apex Legends Mobile down below.

Apex Legends Mobile Apex Legends Mobile

Source: Apex Legends Blog

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