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Apex Legends Next Character Revealed Early by Respawn

The next playable character for Respawn’s shooter Apex Legends, Vantage, has been revealed a little early by Respawn. Of course, the reveal was an accident on Respawn’s behalf as players noticed that the developers uploaded the character’s “Stories from the Outlands” video prematurely.

The video was also promoted through the Apex Legends client through an image, although players noted that they couldn’t actually watch the video. Since then, the image has been removed from the client as developer Respawn seems to have caught on.

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The image had text accompanying it that reportedly confirmed that the uploaded image was of a new upcoming Legend that will be coming to the title on “August 9th”.

“There’s a new instalment of Stories from the Outlands! Watch Survive and meet the new Legend joining the Games in Apex Legends: Hunted, coming August 9”.

The new Legend is reportedly going to feature a “winged companion” and will mostly be a ranged character that makes use of a sniper rifle. Though, this isn’t the first time we have heard mention of the character, as they were part of a large leak earlier this year.

Respawn is also currently working on a single-player FPS project within the Apex Legends universe and is being developed with the principles of “mobility” and “style” which seem to fit into the Apex Legends arena rather well. The project is still yet to be officially announced and it was only thanks to a job listing that we know any details.

“We are looking for a talented and experienced Mid-Level 3D Hardsurface Artist to help build a brand new Respawn single-player adventure.

This new single-player title is a developer’s dream playground with the freedom to innovate made possible by the unique universe it inhabits. Our critically acclaimed, multi-platform games have always established a “fun comes first” sensibility created with the notion that great ideas can come from anyone, which allows creativity to shine and individuals to shape the game in meaningful ways.”

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