Apex Legends Resurrection is a Rebirth For the Battle Royale

Apex Legends Resurrection is a Rebirth For the Battle Royale

Respawn is looking at switching things up when the new season of Apex Legends releases on 8 August. The studio is revisiting and reworking existing elements in the game throughout this new season and the first rework is one of the game’s older characters, Revenant.

Respawn says that Apex Legends is played by over 18 million people every month making it one of the most popular battle royale games on the market. However, the game’s past season didn’t bode well for the game or its fanbase. In fact, Apex Legends performed lower in Season 17 than in previous months raising concern for EA and its finance team.

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While Season 17 did bring with it some much-needed changes to Ballistic and the World’s Edge map, it also changed the way scoring worked during competitive ranked play. As a result, more players were able to achieve high ranks in the season by “ratting” in matches.

But Respawn is looking forward to Apex Legends: Resurrection. The season hopes to revive the excitement in the game. First off, Revenant now has a fresh new look and set of abilities. He can always see nearby low-health enemies thanks to his new passive ability. He is also getting an improved wall climb.

Apex Legends Resurrection is a Rebirth For the Battle Royale

A new tactical ability called Shadow Pounce lets him leap forward and close the gap between players. His new Forged Shadows ultimate now gives a shield that blocks damage and regenerates other abilities over time.

If you haven’t unlocked Revenant in the past, you can play him for free in the new season of Apex Legends. Respawn has also confirmed that if players complete a set number of challenges, they will keep him unlocked permanently.

There are also changes coming to maps and current weapons as well as a Death Dynasty Collection event. These include:

Mixtape on Broken Moon

Mixtape crashes into Broken Moon, bringing fan-favourite Mixtape modes to new locations this season. Jump into Gun Run and Team Deathmatch in The Core or play Control in the Production Yard. Legends can show their skill as the darkness closes in.

Death Dynasty Collection Event

Embody the essence of death with the Death Dynasty Collection Event. During the event, players earn double XP in Battle Royale from August 8-15 and in Mixtape from August 15-22. Legends that unlock all 24 cosmetics will automatically be rewarded with Revenant’s new “Death Grip” heirloom.

Charge Rifle Update

The Charge Rifle has been re-designed for immediate use in the Apex Games. No longer does the infamous weapon fire a sustained beam. Newly fitted with an Extended Sniper Mag attachment slot and boasting a number of changes to its firing mechanisms, Legends familiar with the anti-Titan model available during the Frontier Wars should feel right at home.

Resurrection Battle Pass

At Level 24, darkness triumphs with Mad Maggie’s Legendary Skin “Outlawed Tech”, and new this season is the Reactive “Heart of the Divine” EVA-8 available at Level 25. Discover true horror at Level 50 with Pathfinder’s Legendary Skin “Pathogen”. Manifest fear with the “Vortex Core” L-STAR, and unlock Epic skins for Valkyrie, Octane, and Caustic. Legends can complete the Resurrection Battle Pass to unlock the Reactive “Heart of Brimstone” EVA-8 skin. As players progress, they earn new banner frames, emotes, weapon charms, and stickers. Buy the Resurrection Battle Pass, or get the bundle to instantly unlock the first 25 levels including Mad Maggie’s “Outlawed Tech” and the Reactive “Heart of the Divine” EVA-8.

You can also participate in the Apex Legends Kill Code story mission leading up to the Season 17 launch. This single-player experience acts as a teaser for the upcoming content and if anything, resembles a Titanfall-ish approach.

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