Apex Legends Season 3 and Crypto Has Officially Been Revealed
Apex Legends Season 3 Crypto Respawn Entertainment EA
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After a tonne of teases, Respawn Entertainment and EA have finally revealed the next Legend coming to the game with the start of Apex Legends Season 3. Crypto has been revealed in a brand-new Apex Legends trailer, which you can view at the bottom of this article.

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First, we saw a mysterious character hack the banners in the game and then, players actually spotted Crypto doing his hacking things and running away in a match. Crypto will make his way into the Battle Royale title from Respawn Entertainment and EA with Season 3.

The trailer showcases the origin story of the next Apex Legends character, with a description that explains:

Hack the system in our latest Stories from the Outlands. A strange hidden file. A deadly mistake. And a new Legend who is entering the fight, but looking to stay out of the spotlight. Cool, calm, and collected, Crypto has plenty of secrets to keep, and more to uncover.

The developer also revealed what you can expect from Apex Legends Season 3, which is arriving on 1 October 2019. Check out the Apex Legends Season 3 details below.

  • New Legend: Crypto – Cool, calm, collected Crypto deploys specialized surveillance drones to stay in the fight and out of the spotlight.
  • ALL-NEW BATTLE PASS – Over 100 exclusive items including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, new Battle Pass content making a Season 3 debut, and more!
  • New Weapon: Charge Rifle – Carve your way across the Arena with this obliterating directed-energy weapon.
  • RANKED SERIES 2 –  Show off your skills in the new series of Ranked mode. Drop in hot and put your enemies on ice!

It will be interesting to see what Respawn Entertainment and EA have in store for us and how the map could change as well during Season 3, and how Crypto will play.

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Are you excited for Apex Legends Crypto and Season 3? Check out the Crypto story trailer below and then let us know in the comment section.

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