Apex Legends Could Get 24-Player Squads And Bots According Leak
Apex Legends players
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While many of you are waiting for Apex Legends to receive a solo and duo mode, it could be getting something a lot more dramatic. According to a leak, the game could be receiving 6, 12 and 24-player squads in the near future.

This news comes from a leak from Gaming INTEL’s data-miners named ApexGameInfo. According to some in-game file names, the coding reveals such things as “12-man recruit” and “24-Man Kings Canyon”.

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If the coding is correct, we could see 2, 3, 6, 12 and 24-player squads in Apex Legends sometime soon with a solo mode added alongside them all too. It would not be surprising if these modes get added as Fortnite proved that modes like teams of 20 and 50v50 work pretty well.

Right now, Apex Legends is restricted to 20 teams of 3 players per squad and dividing that up and will open up new ways to approach each match. I know I would jump into a 24-player squad without a problem.

Another interesting part of the leak suggests that the game could also get bots. The game already has bots available, but only during the short Training Mode. Some players are also under the impression that bots are already in the game but that is just speculation right now. The code could be teasing Apex Legends bots that may be able to fill in spots or even have their own game mode where you can play with and against them.

Would you be for or against 24-player squads and bots? Let us know in the comments below.






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