If you’re an Apex Legends fan then you’re probably not getting a lot of game time in. The free-to-play shooter has been suffering from some nasty server issues that have resulted in players being disconnected from their games more often. So much so that Respawn says disconnection errors are popping up three times more than the usual.

These Apex Legends server issues started on 14 September so they have been around for over a week. Respawn also says they don’t plan on fixing it in the next day or so due to the necessary patches needed to repair the issue. Players can expect some sort of stability when the next update arrives on 22 September.

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Thankfully, this past weekend wasn’t as bad. Last week, players could barely play Apex Legends. Respawn then rolled out extra servers to help with the problem and it sort of helped. Players were still disconnecting but it happened a lot less than before.

As for the Apex Legends Ranked Mode, Respawn is aware of the pressure players are under in the current season and the server problems aren’t helping. They are extending the current ranked split by one week to help with the ongoing server issues and give players more time. This update is expected to go live today, 20 September but the server fixes aren’t expected until 22 September.

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