Apex Legends was one of the biggest surprises of 2019. When it was announced and released in February, the game exploded with new users and a massive Twitch viewership following. Within a few weeks, it was sitting on 50 million players and within 72 hours it was on ten million.

But it seems that it could be on a downward spiral as the past two months have shown a drop in interest for Apex Legends. It was, at one stage, one of the most viewed games on Twitch. In February, the game was on an average of 300,000 viewers and now it is sitting on 40,000 on a busy day.

Last month, Dr Disrespect claimed that Apex Legends was a boring game to watch and that games like PUBG and H1Z1 were more entertaining and that could be quite true if we look at the drastic drop in viewership. Another could be due to the lack of content in the game. Fortnite does this very well with new content every week but Apex Legends received new content near the beginning of April and it has been lacking anything new ever since.

The game peaked at over 650k viewers back in February and if we look at the past few weeks, its biggest days are 200k and then back to 40k – 50k. April alone has seen a fraction of the views with a clear downward slope trend taking place. In order to climb back up, Respawn will need to make the game relevant again for viewers by adding new content more regularly. If that is going to happen is still to be seen.

Comparing Apex Legends to Fortnite, we can see that the trend has been quite stable in the past year. Sure, there are a few dips but it has been on a steady line without any real drop in views. Apex Legends is on a downward hill with no curve showing growth in viewers in sight.

Are you still playing Apex Legends? What do you blame for the drop in interest? Let us know down below.

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