Apple Announces March 2019 Event – Streaming Service, AirPods 2 And More to be Announced
Apple March 2019
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The Apple March 2019 event has been a long time coming. Since November last year, industry insiders have been speculating on when Apple would announce the much-rumoured AirPods 2, Air Power charging mat and their so-called “TV streaming service”. Well, the Apple March 2019 event could be the one.

The tech giant sent out invites to the Apple March 2019 event and revealed that it would take place on 25 March 2019. The invite pretty much confirms that the event will host a TV-related reveal as the invitation shows a film countdown and ends with “It’s show time”.

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Apple used the same words in 2006 when they revealed their iTV before releasing it as the Apple TV a year later. Apple is said to be working on a TV streaming service as well as an Apple New subscription but the TV service is what everyone is waiting for. Apple could easily rival the likes of Netflix if they do it right.

Apple March 2019 event

The event will also play host to other anticipated announcements like the revamped AirPods 2, a new entry-level iPad and the long-delayed AirPower wireless charging mat.

We will, of course, be covering all the new announcements and giving you all the details on the new streaming service and products Apple announces at the event. Let us know what you hope to see at the Apple March 2019 event below.






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