Apple Announces Online-Only WWDC Starting on 22 June

Apple WWDC 2020 iOS 14
Apple Announces Online-Only WWDC Starting on 22 June

Every year Apple hosts its annual WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference). However, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing issues worldwide, the company has decided to take WWDC online for the very first time. Kicking off on 22 June 2020, the company will host WWDC 2020 online.

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Details about the event’s main keynote and sessions will be shared at a later date. However, expect the Apple to showcase iOS 14, a new macOS build and more.

“WWDC20 will be our biggest yet, bringing together our global developer community of more than 23 million in an unprecedented way for a week in June to learn about the future of Apple platforms,” s

Phil Schiller

Leaked builds of iOS 14 have given some hints to the upcoming software. Updates include a new fitness app, “PencilKit API”, new iMessage features, and more. Apple Watch OS7 leaks include sleep tracking, new country flag watch faces and more. We don’t know what Apple has planned for the month of June in terms of software but expect the company to reveal new advances into their APIs.

We will have to wait and see what Apple has up its sleeves for WWDC 2020 and iOS 14. We will share the news as it happens next month.

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