We all saw it coming but Apple has now officially confirmed the delay. According to the company, the new Apple iPhone 11s or 12 (whatever they call it) lineup will launch a little later this year. Of course, there are multiple factors involved in this delay with COVID-19 being the biggest culprit.

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Apple CFO Luca Maestri announced in an investors call today;

“Last year we started selling new iPhones in late September, this year we expect supply to be available a few weeks later,”

Apple did not reveal the cause of this year’s iPhone delay but rumours of its pushed-back release date have been circling for some time now. The Wall Street Journal reported a massive delay in production earlier this year. In addition, Qualcomm hinted at an iPhone delay earlier this week saying the company’s new 5G iPhone won’t launch on time.

Apple usually hosts an iPhone announcement event every September with the device rolling out a few weeks later. In SA, we usually wait a month or so before we get our hands on it. Sources claim the announcement is now set to take place in late September with the phones launching in October. This would mean in SA, we may not get the new iPhone until December.

This is not the first time Apple has delayed an iPhone launch. Back in 2017, Apple announced the iPhone X alongside the 8 but it was not available for purchase until November due to production issues. The XR was also announced in September 2018 and launched after the XS due to LCD production delays.

According to leaked blueprints, Apple is will release a redesigned iPhone 11s or 12 this year. While the notch is not going anywhere, Apple will reportedly drop the curved edges for flat ones similar to the 5 and 5S range from back in the day. In addition, customers can expect a fourth camera lens added to the device along with 6GB of RAM.

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