Apple Gaming Subscription Service In The Works
Apple Gaming
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New reports have come in, stating that the tech giant is working on an Apple gaming subscription service.

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Apple has always dominated the mobile gaming world with a world-class catalogue of mobile games available from its App Store. Now, the company has its eyes fixed on other forms of gaming, too. According to “five people familiar with the matter“,  the subscription service apparently plans to function like “Netflix for games“, allowing subscribers, who pay a subscription fee, access to many different gaming titles.

The company has also discussed partnering with developers as a publisher, according to two people familiar with the talks, which could signal Apple’s ambition to assume distribution, marketing, and other related costs for select games.

It seems the company is trying its hand at everything. After a slightly disappointing year for Apple in terms of revenue, the tech company might be looking for other avenues to generate more revenue. Apple apparently already has an entertainment subscription service in the works, to produce and release original movies and series and stream other shows and movies, too. Also apparently planned for the future, is an update to Apple Music and an Apple news subscription service. All of this is still to be confirmed by Apple itself.

Details surrounding the Apple gaming subscription service are still pretty thin, with the possibility existing of Apple deciding to ultimately bury the idea. But, at the same time, with so many loyal consumers already at its disposal, if the tech company did decide to launch an Apple gaming subscription service, it would probably not struggle to find subscribers.

Would you be keen to join an Apple gaming subscription service? Drop a comment below about what you think about this possible new service planned by Apple.






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