This Apple Holiday 2018 Advert is Pixar-Inspired and Will Melt Your Heart
Apple Holiday 2018
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Apple never cheaps-out on their ads and their Apple holiday 2018 marketing campaign is really one to pay attention to. The tech brand’s latest advert is more like a Pixar short film that we see before watching a Disney movie in cinemas and plays on your emotions while being less about the Apple brand and more about the joy of giving.

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There is very little product placement in the ad with a simple Macbook covered in stickers appearing throughout the clip. The ad is all about “Share Your Gifts” and sees a young girl hide her work away from the world while living through her normal daily life. What she works on is never revealed but it is clearly some sort of art which she is embarrassed to show with the world. The ad is beautifully put together and touches on themes of courage with the reminder that you should share your gifts with the world.

Along with the clip, Apple also released a behind-the-scenes video showing the development of the ad and there was no doubt a great amount of detail put into the project. Facial animation artists, actual miniature sets were designed and even the music was remixed just for the advert. There is no doubt a great sense of emotion behind the whole thing.

Take a look at the advert below:

[su_youtube url=””]

Check out the behind-the-scenes clip below:

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