Apple iPhone SE With 5G Set For March Reveal

"Along with iOS 15.3, iPads and more"

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Apple iPhone SE With 5G Set For March Reveal

Apple is reportedly getting ready to announce some new products in March. According to Bloomberg, the company is expected to host a new Apple event on 8 March where they will announce a new iPhone SE 5G model, refreshed iPad Air and new iPad devices with 5G.

Apple’s iPhone SE 5G has been in the rumour mill for a few months already. Insiders aware of the project have been reporting on the device since the iPhone 13 event in October last year. The iPhone is expected to feature a faster CPU, improved camera system and other features all packed into the current 4.7-inch display.

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Apple’s current revamped iPhone SE was announced in 2020 at a competitive price tag of $399. If Apple were to introduce a better CPU and 5G into this new model and keep the price tag at that point, it will offer some fantastic value for money. However, we don’t know what other tech the new iPhone SE 5G will pack. As far as we know, the overall design is staying the same so don’t expect Face ID and a larger display.

Apple is also expected to release iOS 15.3 at the March event. The OS has already entered beta testing and allows users to make use of Face ID while wearing a mask. This is different to the previous Unlock With Apple Watch feature. iOS 15.3 is also expected to come with Universal Control –  a feature Apple announced back in June last year but has been delayed since.

This March Apple event is most likely the first of many to arrive this year. We usually see multiple announcements that include MacBooks, AirPods, Apple Watches, new iPhones and more.

Source: Bloomberg

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