Apple is Granted Gaming Controller Patent With Unique Thumbstick Feature

"Goodbye stick drift?"

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Apple is Granted Gaming Controller Patent With Unique Thumbstick Feature

Apple has been granted a new patent that revolves around a game controller with a unique thumbstick feature. The patent suggests that Apple intends on making a video game controller that could house one of the most unique analogue stick mechanisms we have seen to date. While the outside of the controller might look like any traditional game device around, the inner workings of the analogue stick will be highly detailed.

An image shows that the analogue stick shaft will pack a number of sensors that will detect movement. Almost every controller on the planet currently makes use of an old-school magnetic system that makes contact as the user moves the stick about. This in turn delivers the movement and action in the game. However, the Apple game controller does away with this by making use of sensors.

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The shaft will also stay in place thanks to a spring that is designed to put the stick back in the centre once it is left alone. The spring also makes it possible to click on the analogue stick in order to sprint. There’s a button at the bottom that is pressed in by this motion.

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It is important to note that this patent is a Utility Patent which means Apple has filed the design with a focus on the actual thumbstick mechanism. This doesn’t mean they have designed a controller. However, the actual motor and sensor feature in the thumbstick is what Apple has filed. By the look of things, this could finally do away with stick drift thanks to a completely redesigned inner motor.

Of course, we might never see this Apple game controller come to life but the idea of a thumbstick with this level of detail sounds great on paper.

Source: Espacenet

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