Apple Might Reveal its Video Game Subscription Service This Week
Apple Game Subscription
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Apple is expected to announce a load of new services and products this week when the company hosts its 25 March event. Rumours have been swirling in regards to Apple’s new TV streaming service, News subscription service and now, an Apple game subscription service. 

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is discussing a game service with potential partners such as publishers and developers. This is not the first time we have heard of this as back in January, another report released about the service which was said to allow users to pay a monthly fee in exchange for a bundle of games.

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Think of this service like Netflix for games on your Apple devices such as your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Bloomberg notes that Apple is likely considering paid games only for this service and any games that rely on a freemium service such as Fortnite and PUBG will be left out of the service. However, games like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Monument Valley and any big upcoming games like The Elder Scrolls Blades will be part of the subscription. 

Customers will be charged monthly for access to these game bundles and game developers would be paid to based on how many people play their title. It could be something great especially if Apple hosts some pricey games included in the bundles. Some games such as the classic Final Fantasy titles sell for over R300 and to add this value into these bundles would get people on board to subscribe. 

Whatever Apple is planning will be shared tomorrow during their Apple “Its Showtime” event. The stream kicks off at 7pm South African time and you can watch it on the website or on your Apple TV via the Apple Events app. 






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