It seems that Sony is working with Apple to bring the company’s music service to the PS5. Users on Reddit have reportedly spotted the Apple Music app on their PS5 consoles but when trying to access the download, it fails.

Users claim that the Apple Music app appears underneath the Spotify one on the music menu. However, clicking on the app results in an error message that reads “this app is only playable on PS4”. This is a standard error that the PS5 kicks out when trying to access a download that is not available.

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If you think “PS4” is a typo that is not the case. The PS5 error indeed claims that the app is only available on PS4. Even though Apple Music is not available on that console either. Keep in mind that the majority of the PS5 media apps are actually PS4 apps that run in backwards compatibility mode. If Apple and Sony are working on an Apple Music app then PS5 owners will probably get the PS4 app on their console.

So is this Apple Music app on PS5 real? I haven’t spotted the app myself on my PS5 but the Reddit images aren’t fake. It seems that Sony and Apple are indeed working on releasing Apple Music on the PS5 and PS4 in the future. It makes sense given that Apple recently rolled out Apple TV+ on the console. It also came with a 6-month free trial service for all users.

Apple has also been a lot more open to releasing its services on non-Apple devices over the past few years. Something the company never did. Apple Music on the PS5 would be a welcome addition to the hardware. While having Spotify is great, a lot of iPhone users don’t use the service and would rather stick to Apple’s music library.

Apple is hosting an online event on Monday where the company will announce new hardware. Perhaps the Apple Music PS5 announcement will take place then?

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