After being in beta for a couple of months, the Apple Music web player is now available to everyone through any web browser. The service allows for easy access to your entire library of music by simple visiting and signing into your Apple ID linked to your subscription.

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The Apple Music web browser experience is pretty easy to use and understand. For the most part, it represents iTunes and your iPhone app. You can select your playlists, discover more music and even listen to the radio. You can also add music to your library which will then automatically update it across your other devices.

The Apple Music web is almost identical to the Music app on Mac with the playback, scrub bar, album art and volume slider all being familiar to those who have used the app before.

There is also an option to “Open in Music” on Safari and “Open in iTunes” on Chrome so you can easily switch to your app if you have it installed. The site also lets users sign up for the three-month trial if they are new to the service.

Apple will be updating the web player in the coming months with new features. The upcoming iOS 13.4.5 update is expected to add new social sharing options to Apple Music which will then be added to the web player too. This whole move by the tech giant is to try and compete with market leader Spotify as Apple tries to make the service more accessible to users regardless of them owning an iPhone or iPad or Mac device.

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