We all might be waiting for iOS 13 to arrive but Apple is already testing iOS 13.1. This morning, Apple released the iOS 13.1 Beta 1 software and it has a couple of changes including a new wallpaper set as well as Audio Sharing.

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As with most betas, you can go ahead and install it using the same method we detailed in the original 13 Beta 2 as the same profile will allow you to download the latest testing version.

For Apple to release iOS 13.1 is a little strange. Apple usually works on the core software release and then goes live with it a few days after revealing a new iPhone, this year being the iPhone 11.

This just means things will be a little different when the company announces the new device next month and the planned rollout for 13. We could see 13.1 release in late September instead of 13 which will be a first for the company.

How to Instal iOS 13.1 Beta 1?

What you want to do is visit this link from the device you want to install the software on. Once there select the beta software for the device you want. Install iPad OS 13.1 on your iPad, iOS 13.1 on your iPhone.

Your iOS device will ask you if you want to install the profile. Download the iOS Beta profile and tap install about three times to make sure the profile is on your device. It will then ask to reboot and confirm.

Once rebooted, head to Settings > General > Software Update and search for the latest 13.1 Beta 1 download which will then download and install on your device.

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