Apple Releases iOS 15.3 With Nasty Safari Bug Fix

"Your browser history is now safe again"

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Apple Releases iOS 15.3 With Nasty Safari Bug Fix

Apple has released iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3 today. The update comes with a handful of important new tweaks but mostly, Apple has released this new update to fix a nasty Safari bug that could potentially see users private data exploited. According to the bug, websites could access recently visited URLs by an iOS user and even obtain their Google user ID.

Thankfully, this exploit has been patched in the latest iOS 15.3 so we recommend you update your supported device as soon as possible. According to 9to5Mac, they confirmed that the exploit is no longer possible on the new iOS version.

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Most interesting enough, the exploit gained enough traction online that FingerprintJS built a custom demo website just to show how the big works in action. If you access the website, it knows what URLs you have visited recently and can even show your Google account ID.

Once updated to iOS 15.3, the site is no longer able to track this data and pull it from your device.  iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3 are both out now and available for supported devices. The update comes in at around 1GB.

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