Apple Reportedly Working on a 120Hz Apple TV With a Gaming Focus
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Apple TV 120Hz Gaming
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The Apple TV 4K has not been upgraded in almost four years now which makes us wonder what the company is working on when it comes to its set-top box media device. However, it seems that Apple could be preparing an announcement for a new refresh soon as the latest iOS 14.5 beta references support for 120Hz.

The current Apple TV 4K box, while boasting some of the best codec support on the market, does not have a 120Hz refresh rate. It is unclear what this 120Hz will be used for. However, this improved feature might stem from the company’s goals to release a new “gaming-focused” Apple TV device.


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Last year, Bloomberg reported that the company was working on a new Apple TV with a focus on gaming. They also claimed that the new device will feature a redesigned remote which will be easier to use compared to the current one. At the moment, Apple Arcade is a big push for Apple as they recently updated the TV device with DualShock and Xbox Controller support. The upcoming iOS 14.5 release will enable DualSense support for the Apple ecosystem too.

If the Apple TV 120Hz information is correct, the new TV box might be built for gaming and will allow users to play select Apple Arcade titles at 120Hz. This also aligns with the current trend whereas PS5, Xbox Series X and RTX 30 series GPUs are all 120Hz compatible thanks to its HDMI 2.1 implementation.

In the perfect world, the company could release a new Apple TV 120Hz with its fancy M1 processor that would allow for some high-end gaming on the device. Partner that with a console-like controller and you might have your next gaming console that boasts exclusive Apple Arcade experiences such as the latest Final Fantasy-like RPG Fantasian. While the box might not be able to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, offering exclusive experiences on the device might just win gamers over.

Source: 9t05mac






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