Apple Was The World’s No. 1 Smartphone Vendor in Q4 2019 Beating Samsung
Apple iPhone 11 11s 12 Pro Max South Africa Samsung
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The Apple iPhone 11 was a much bigger hit than its stovetop memes that flooded the internet after the announcement in September of 2019. According to Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iPhone shipments were at 70.7 million during its last three-month period ending in December which is enough to take 18.9% of the global market. Apple saw a 7% rise in sales from 65.9 million in 2018 when the company came second behind Samsung in the smartphone business.

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According to the estimates, Apple shipped 197.4 million units in 2019

“This was Apple’s best growth performance since 2015. Apple’s global smartphone market share has lifted from 18 percent to 19 percent in the past year. Apple is recovering, due to cheaper iPhone 11 pricing and healthier demand in Asia and North America.”

Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics.

Of course, coming behind Apple was Samsung which shipped 68.8 million smartphones for an 18.4% market share in Q4 of 2019. However, the company dropped in sales compared to 69.3 million units in 2018. Huawei placed third with 56 million shipments taking 15% of the market share while Xiaomi came fourth with 33 million and Oppo fourth with 30.5 million. Both companies have an 8.8% share and 8.1% respectively.

Global shipments of smartphones in 2019 rose from 374.5 million to 376 million in 2019. The Apple iPhone 11 range was to thank for this seeing substantial growth in sales not only for overall smartphones but for the company too which put it at a record-high revenue of $91.8 billion.






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