Apple Reveals Watch Series 5 – New Features and Models Detailed

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Reveals Watch Series 5 – New Features and Models Detailed

Apple announced its new Apple Watch series 5 during the September Livestream. The new Watch Series 5 is not a huge improvement over last year’s model. Its biggest new feature is its always-on display.

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Apple explained that the always-on display will showcase a limited amount of apps all the time on the device and when you raise your wrist, as you usually do with the device, it will showcase the full detailed watch face. The company claims the Apple Watch Series 5 will still feature a full-day battery life even though the display is always-on.

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Another big feature in the new device is a built-in compass which unlocks new ways to use the device. Maps and a built-in compass app will take full advantage of the new tech. Apple also touched on the security in the Watch Series 5 revealing the emergency feature now allows you to call any international emergency service in any country.

New Watch Series 5 models include a titanium model (in black and silver) as well as new stainless steel colours including rose gold and black. The Series 5 will also release in a ceramic model but with a heavy price tag (not announced but previous models were pricey).

The new Watch Series 5 will start at for a GPS model $399 and $499 for the cellular one. Apple is also slashing the price tag of the Watch Series 3 down to $199. The watch will still come in two sizes both 40mm and 44mm so expect to pay a little more if you are going for the larger model.

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