Apple Watch Series 8 Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra Withstands a Dozen Hammer Strikes and Fall Damage

The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s new “ultra-durable” watch and it costs a good penny. In South Africa, you’ll need to fork out R18,999 for the new Apple Watch but a least you know that you’re getting a decent device that can withstand a few pounds of a hammer.

In a new YouTube video showcasing the device’s durability, TechRax tested out the new Apple Watch Ultra by dropping the watch onto the ground, putting it into a jar of nails and even smashing it a few times with a hammer. By the look of things, the watch is obviously Apple’s most durable one yet. In fact, it has a tougher glass screen and a stronger titanium body than all previous models in the past.

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When TechRax dropped the watch on its face, it survived the fall with no damage whatsoever to the screen itself. The body did get a few scuffs here and there but the display remained flawless. Once placed into the jar of nails and shaken about, the only damage was seen on the band which got a bit dirty.

The real durability was seen on the screen when TechRax decided to hit the panel with a hammer a few times. After three hard hits to the face, the Apple Watch Ultra was still intact and without a scuff mark on the screen. After 12 hard hits to the face, TechRax ended up smashing a hole through his table and yet the Apple Watch Ultra still remained in one piece.

Sadly, after the thirteenth hit, the display finally gave in and cracked. Still, this is a pretty impressive showcase of how durable the new watch is. You probably won’t go and hit it with a hammer but it does show the watch will likely withstand falls, bashes and other accidents occurred while exploring the wild.

Here’s the video of the TechRax smashing the Apple Watch Ultra so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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