Apple WWDC 2024 – Biggest Announcements

Apple’s WWDC 2024 keynote took place last night and if you missed it, the event was full of software update news coming to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Vision Pro and Mac devices later this year. The company also announced its Apple Intelligence platform which aims to shake up the AI industry with on-device features.

In case you missed any of the news, here’s a quick rundown of the biggest announcements.

Apple Intelligence (its in the name)

Apple Intelligence is the company’s first AI system coming to iPhone, iPad and Mac last this year. The company says Apple Intelligence is a system “that puts powerful generative models right at the core of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac”.

The platform intergrates into iOS 18 and gives Siri new superpowered AI features where the assistant can control apps, deep search for certain data and follow step-by-step prompts. Siri now appears as a pulsating light around the edge of your iPhone screen and whenever the light is present, you can talk to the assistant and perform tasks with it.

Apple Intelligence

For example, Siri can surface search a photo for specific details with one command and you can follow up by asking the assistant to then edit that photo or send it to a friend once edited. Apple says Siri will better understand what you say the more you use the assistant.

AI Features Get Creative

With Apple Intelligence on supported devices, users will now be able to create their own images using Image Playground and emojis using a feature called Genmoji. On the fly, you’ll be able to type in keywords into both platforms and let AI generate custom emojis and images for you to send to friends and even save to your device.

Apple Intelligence

ChatGPT Coming to Siri

In addition to iOS integration, Siri is also getting a ChatGPT feature. If the assistant determines your request is better suited for ChatGPT, the assistant will then automatically send the request to the AI chatbot. Apple says you’ll be able to use ChatGPT through Siri for free without an account.

iOS 18 Revamps a Lot

Thew new iPhone operating system, iOS 18 comes with some revamped visual features and a new Photo App. You can now play icons anywhere on your home screen, lock certain apps behind FaceID and hide certain apps away from users too.

iOS 18

The new Photo App has been completely overhauled at the same time to provide a cleaner, easy-to-navigate design. There’s also a Game Mode that once toggled, disables certain background tasks to enhance your frame rate and gaming experience.

New Password App For Your Logins

The new Apple Passwords app will now let you keep trackof your login details across different devices. The app will also let you generate and store passwords. The app is very similar to the likes of LastPass and 1Password but is now built into iOS. Apple plans to launch this app across Windows in addition to iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and macOS.

iPhone Mirroring Coming to macOS

The new macOS 15 adds a new iPhone mirroring feature that let’s you directly interact with your iPhone through your Mac as long as it is nearby. You”ll be able to check notifications and listen to audio playing on your iPhone.

Here Are The New AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro Gets New Features

Without launching new AirPods (we seriously need AirPods Max with USB-C though), Apple is adding new features to the current devices. The first is the ability to respond to Siri by shaking your head yes or no. If you get a call and want to answer it, you shake your head yes. If you want to leave the call ringing, you shake it no.

AirPods Pro are also getting Voice Isolation powered by machine learning. It will enhance your voice quality during calls and reduce background noise.

Apple Watch Gets Vitals Feature

A new feature coming to Apple WatchOS 11 is the Vitals app. It will let users explore the most important health metrics from your watch with one glance. Here, you’ll be able to monitor your workouts, heart rate and other important health tracking without leaving the Apple Watch screen.

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