April Was PS5’s Best Month in Europe But Still Beaten Out by Switch

"Switch dominates for seventh month straight"

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April Was PS5’s Best Month in Europe But Still Beaten Out by Switch

The PlayStation 5 – PS5 – enjoyed its best month of sales in April in terms of sales in Europe but it was still outsold by the Nintendo Switch. According to the latest GSD market report the total number of gaming consoles sold in April equalled 290 000, which was still a 15% drop in total sales compared to March.

The metrics span 10 countries across Europe, not including the UK and Germany, where the PS5 also enjoyed record sales in April. However, the Nintendo Switch remained firmly on top as Europe’s top-selling console for a seventh month straight.

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Gaming console sales remained firmly led by the handheld Nintendo Switch followed by the PS5, then Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S. In terms of software, 10.8 million titles were sold across Europe in April, which was still down 24% from total sales in March. These figures were tracked across digital sales of 30 different countries and retail units in 16 tracked units.

Leading the software sales was Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga which beat out FromSoftware’s recent action-RPG Elden Ring, followed by FIFA 22, Nintendo Switch Sports, and Grand Theft Auto V. The Nintendo Switch was also the leader in hardware sales for April in the US market, according to the research firm NPD Group.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, and PlayStation, confirmed that the PS5 has sold 19.3 million units since launch and while it is an impressive number, it still missed initial targets by over 3 million units. Sony has stated that stock supply issues were the issue behind the console missing its projected targets but that supply chain issues would continue to impact PS5 supply negatively. Sony projects that they will reach a further 18 million units sold by the end of March 2023 despite the stock shortages.

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Source: GamesIndustry.biz

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