Aquaman 2 Is Officially Confirmed, But You’re Going To Have To Wait A While
Aquaman 2
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Aquaman made waves, and continues to do so as it is still on the South African box office top 10 and still the highest grossing movie at the South African cinemas. It is the highest grossing DC movie of all time (surpassing the old record-holder, The Dark Knight). So, it doesn’t come as a major surprise that Aquaman 2 is happening. But you won’t watch it any time soon.

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Warner Bros. has confirmed that Aquaman 2 will be made, but it will only be released in December 2022. That means that fans of the fishy franchise will have to wait more than 3 years before they can watch Aquaman 2.

Jason Momoa is set to return as the title character. No news yet as to which other cast members from the first movie will make it into Aquaman 2.

Director of the first movie, James Wan, hasn’t been confirmed to direct Aquaman 2, but there are reports that he is in talks with the studio to return to helm the movie. Apparently, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick will write the script. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick has previously collaborated with James Wan on movies like The Conjuring 2 and The Conjuring 3. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick co-wrote the first Aquaman movie’s script with Will Beall.

Aquaman 2 is only one of many DC movies coming to cinemas. First up is Shazam! which releases in April 2019, followed by the standalone Joker movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix in October 2019. Birds of Prey, which sees Margot Robbie reprise her Harley Quinn character, is set for release in February 2020. The highly-anticipated sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, comes out in June 2020. Many other DC movies are also set to come out in the next few years, so fans have a lot of content coming their way. A new Batman is also expected to be announced, led by a new actor seeing as Ben Affleck won’t be reprising his role.






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