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Arcane Ending Explained – What to Expect From Season 2

Just like that, in a blink of an eye, Arcane season one is over. League of Legends is and has always been my own personal drug. No matter how frustrated I get with the game itself, there is always some new content that ultimately draws me back in. Arcane is no different. Now that the season is finished and the wait for the next season has begun, all that’s left to do is look back on the show and figure out the focus of season two.

Before we start with our Arcane ending explained and what we think is happening in Season 2, make sure you catch up on all the characters from the show and how they tie into the League of Legends here.

Arcane Ending Explained – What to Expect From Season 2

Over nine episodes, Arcane followed a small handful of characters throughout Piltover and the neighbouring under city of Zaun. The main story was built around the story of Vi and Jinx, two sisters pulled apart to detrimental effect.

During the final episode, tensions are running high between Zaun and Piltover. A full-out war between the two is inevitable. Trying to come to a somewhat peaceful resolve, Jayce meets with Silco and offers a peace treaty: Silco can have Zaun, full sovereignty, but in exchange, Jayce needs Jinx to be handed over to stand trial for the violent attacks.

While Silco does briefly consider this, he quickly disregards the whole idea, realizing how he has come to love Jinx as a daughter and finally understands how Vander had gotten so soft. Unfortunate;y, while Silco was thinking out loud, Jinx caught some of the thoughts – but none of the good ones. The result is Jinx believing that the man she loves as a father is going to hand her over, abandoning her like her sister once did, and she responds in the only way she knows how: by kidnapping the both of them.

During this scene, Jinx finally confronts Vi and tells her she is the one responsible for Jinxs mania, not Silco. During this confrontation, Jinx ended up getting more and more worked up and overwhelmed until she ended up losing all control and just started shooting. Killing Silco by accident. Now with Silco out of the picture, we have to wonder, who will step up and lead Zaun? This is something that season two will surely explore.

Arcane Ending Explained

After killing Silco, Jinx grabs her rocket launcher and runs off, still caught up in her mania with Silcos voice in her head repeating, “We will show them. We will show them all”. While all of this is happening, Jayce has called a council meeting and put to the vote the proposition of giving Zaun its independence. As we see the councillors raise their hands, one by one in approval, we also see a rocket, shot by Jinx, head straight for the council. And then the credits roll.

This seemingly unprovoked and senseless attack on Piltover by Jinx is almost sure to plunge both cities into a full-scale war and dash any hopes of the cities ever being able to stand together. While season one had the troubled relationship between Vi and Jinx at its forefront, season two promises to focus on a whole new level of heartbreak between the sisters.

As someone who has so much love and even more hate for League of Legends, I can not recommend Arcane enough. It’s such a beautiful world with such realistically written characters that it never feels like it’s trying to sell you on the game. Instead, it feels like it’s risen above and become its own entity entirely, and no matter what happens over the next few months or years, at least we will have season two to look forward to.

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