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Are There Guns in Dead Island 2 and How Do They Work?

Dead Island 2 is out soon and many of the questions I have had since my review went up earlier this week is whether or not there are guns in the game. While Dead Island 2 relies heavily on its melee combat, the game, in fact, does have guns. You get a range of them too and shooting them is much better than it was in the original game.

Players will get their first gun in Dead Island 2 quite some time into their adventure once they reach Beverly Hills. I would estimate about four-five hours into the game.

You will undertake a mission with an NPC where you’ll need to break into a house to find a stash of guns. After which, the gun you find is equipped. This mission also acts as a sort of tutorial on shooting thanks to an infinite supply of ammo nearby.

After you get your first gun, you can then find them in loot drops throughout the game. Zombies drop some after you kill them and boxes spawn them randomly too. You even get some really cool Unique guns which can be obtained through quests and purchased at vendors.

These guns bare a unique look to them as well as some rare perks and mods. The Red Dragon, for example, is a shotgun that shoots fire rounds. It can be purchased from the vendor in the Serling Hotel at the Ocean Drive area hub.

Dead Island 2 Guns

Unfortunately, while the game does have guns and they are pretty awesome to use, there’s no way to upgrade the amount of ammo you can carry. The weapons are also extremely limited in ammo capacity.

Dead Island 2 Weapon Rarities

Most of them only have 30 shots. Sure, you can pick up ammo when you find it and purchase and make more ammo too but if you only rely on using guns, it is going to be quite a hassle to manage the limited ammo supply.

Regardless, Dead Island 2 does have guns and they are great to use. In the late-game, you also end up getting some pretty kickass guns that have over-the-top perks and shots.

You can watch me shooting the Peggy hunting rifle and the Red Dragon in my Dead Island 2 video review below:

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